How To Fix Stretch Images in Blogger

 Hello friends today, I will share with you how you can fix all the stretch images of the website. You just have to follow some steps.

Friends whenever we make a website on Blogger. So you must have seen that after posting, whatever thumbnail of the blogger post or whatever image we upload. So it looks very good on that time post. But when we open the same post in our mobile phone, the image of the post becomes slightly scratchy. Moves a little here and there. Which makes that post very useless. So today in this post I will tell you how you can solve it. So that whenever someone opens your website on their mobile phone, a good image is opened in front of them and a good post is open.

1. First you have to click on the "Download" button given below.

2. Then you will open a link in front of Google Drive.

3. You can both copy and download this code.

4. Then you have to watch the entire video carefully and follow all the steps.

5. As soon as you do this code in your website, your problem will be solved.

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  2. Hello sir "deal24" wali jo theme hain uske home page par jo posts dikhti hain uss post ke images sahi se nahi dikhte koi image bada dikhta hain to koi image chhota Uss sabhi posts ke images ko sahi se dikhane ke liye kya kare ?