Navratri Wishing Script Free Download For Blogger | Free Viral Script Download 2020

 Navratri Wishing Script For Blogger 2020

In this post I have given you a wishing script of Navratri for absolutely free. You can earn very good money by using this script. This script belongs to Blogger and will not work on WordPress.

Friends, as you all know that Navratri is going to start from October 17. Navratri is the biggest festival of Hindus. The word Navratri is derived from the Sanskrit Sabd. Which means nine nights.

We worship nine incarnations of Mata Durga during these nine nights. It is believed that worship with true mind fulfills desire. And have to fast for nine days. Some people keep 1st day and 9th day in between.

But friends, do you know that you can earn a lot of money sitting at home with the help of this Navratri. Yes friends, this thing is true, but to know how you want to earn money sitting at home, you have to go through this post to the last. So let's start without any delay.

  • Adsense friendly
  • Speed is very light with high speed
  • App Whatsapp Social Share Button
  • Revenue Optimized for High Advertising Revenue
  • Replace with any picture
  • Supports ads of any size
  •  Facebook meta tag
  •  Twitter Meta Tags
  •  Easy coding
  •  Easy installation
  • Revenue By ad Networks

How to make money with Navratri Wishing Script?

To earn money from Navratri festival, you have to make Navratri Wishing Script. After creating the script, you will have to put different - different Ads Network aids in it, and then you will have to share this script as much as possible because the more you share and go viral, the more you will earn. So, you know how to make this script and how to go viral.

How to make Navratri Wishing Script?

Navratri Wishing Script website is very easy to create, in this you will have to follow some steps which I am going to tell you.

1. Friends, first you have to create a new blog.
2. After creating a new blog, you will get to see the option of Theme on your Main Menu, click on it, and then apply the Simple Theme.
3. Click on the arrow next to Customize and click on Switch to first generation classic theme.
4. Click Switch without a backup.
5. Copy and paste the code of Notepad.
6. Now your Wishing Script is ready.

How to place ads on Navratri Wishing Script.

If you get a chance to apply AIDS in the script that I am going to give you now, then you can use any Ads network. And you can earn money. So to apply AIDS, you have to first go to the HTML code of your script and you have to press Ctrl + F and search Ads Code, then whatever yellow color will be the area highlight, you have to paste the code at that place. And then you have to click on Save and your ads will be installed.

How to make Navratri Wishing Script viral?

Navratri Wishing Script you share your Wishing Website on all your friends, relatives and social media as people use more wishing website to wish each other Happy Diwali, so make your wishing website 1 week before Navratri arrives. Please share on a lot of social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter so that your script will be viral soon.

After sharing the script you have to get left from the group. After that you can also share your script on Telegram and can also share it on Instagram and Facebook.

How to download Navratri Wishing Script?

To download Navratri Wishing Script you have to click on the Download button given below and your script will be downloaded. Which you can open in Notepad. And can paste to direct copy.

Navratri Wishing Script Free Download

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