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Best Affiliate Blogger Template Free Download
If you’re looking to improve your blog writing by using free blog post templates, you’re in the right place. Here, I’ll be sharing with you my experience as well as the blog post templates that have help me to improve my efficiency, overcome writers’ block, write lots in short periods of time, and make sales online.

Before we get started, let’s discuss some preliminaries…

Does Blogging Work?

I remember asking the question “Does blogging work?”, and it’s likely, you may ask the same question. Besides, why would you want to invest time with blog post templates if you’re not sure the process will work altogether?

With my first blog, I wrote 140 posts and didn’t make much money at all. I fact, it’s now between 4 and 5 years old (I stopped working on it) and it doesn’t generate $10 per month. You would think I would’ve quit, right? They say “the definition of insanity is ‘doing something over and over again expecting a different outcome”. don’t they?

I did quit for about one year, but my desire to make money blogging didn’t go away, so I decided to return more aggressively, and figure out how to make it work. At that point, I found two training programs that taught me how blogging works. I learned how to get traffic to a blog, how to find products to promote on a blog, and how to sell my own products on the blog. Since then, blogging has worked. Hahaha.

What are Blog Post Templates?

Typically, when you start a new blog post, you begin with a blank screen–that’s where most people ask themselves “What do I write?”. With a blog post template, you wouldn’t start with a blank screen. Instead, you’d start with some prompts that get your ideas flowing.

Blog post templates can also help add uniformity to your blog. I’ve had people ask, “If you have the same layout on each blog post, doesn’t it make the blog boring?”, and in response, I’d like you to consider whether or not it’s boring to pull up to McDonald’s or Chik-Fil-A, and see the same menu? Most people are happy that the quality they’ve come to expect is there over and over. As a result, when something changes, that’s usually when the problems are created.

Like running a McDonald’s or Chik-Fil-A, blogging with a template helps to provide continuity, order, and streamlines your blog writing process.

How do Blog Post Templates Work?

As a blog writer, you can make blog post templates whenever you want. I made my blog post templates because I found patterns in the way I’d write certain types of posts, so I decided that instead of re-writing things (subheadings, headings, or outlines) over and over, I should create a template that simplifies everything.

I also found that if I start with prompts like “Explain what problem the reader is trying to solve” rather than starting with a blank screen, it starts the brainstorming process quicker, and I’m more efficient in the creative part of blog writing.

When my website was hosted at Wealthy Affiliate, I would save my templates into SiteContent and write my content directly in there.  Once I decided I needed more advanced functionality than what Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting offered (access to DNS settings and so on), then I moved my hosting. Now, that I’ve moved over to Bigscoots, I copy and paste my template into WordPress, and begin writing from the prompts in the template.

How To Download Affiliate Blogger Free Themplate??

You will find a Privew button below. By clicking on it, you can see how this website looks. Below that you will find a download button. If you click on the download button, the downloading page will open. On which you have to wait for 15 seconds. After waiting for 15 seconds, that page will be opened directly in Google Drive. From where you can download this theme absolutely free and you can earn money by using it on your blog through Affiliate.

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