URL ?m=1 Code How To Fix | What is “.HTML? M=1” in the url?

After opening the blogger website in mobile, at the end of the URL ?m=1 code, how to fix?

What is “.HTML? M=1” in the url?

?M=1 is called a query string.
If you have done a bit of coding, you might have taken user input in your program. This is exactly the input being passed to a webserver. This is basically your user input.
This query string is a simple set of key value pairs.
It starts with a ? after the mail URL, ie ? denotes begining of a query string.
M=1 means M is the key and 1 is the value.
Multiple arguments can be given by seperating them with & ex: ?M=1&N=2 etc.

This method of sending arguments can be simply called a GET request. If you issue a post request something similar happens except the data is not visible in the URL bar and is sent to the server as a POST request. This easily can be viewed in Google Chromes network inspector

Blogger ?m=1 Problem Fix Code:

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